Behavior and Body Language on the court

The concept of toxic team mates is one we briefly mentioned on our Facebook page before. Body language can reveal a lot about a person. Poor body language on the court is contagious and can have lasting effect on how a player is perceived. Imagine the score is 24-24 with your team in serve receive and the next player to sub in for the rotation is the one that never smiles, is always distracted by the mistake on the last play, and looks unsure of her role on the team in that moment. Yeah, not our first choice either.

If the topic hasn’t been addressed by the coach, it’s an important topic that needs to be brought up. You never know who’s watching during a game; coaches, scouts and probably the most important and impactful, players.

Your athlete’s team mates as well as the players on the other side of the net can suffer the most from poor behavior and negative attitudes. If they’re smart (and in higher levels of play they certainly are) opponents feed off of this negative energy; they serve the player who just shanked the last ball, make taunts and run plays to continue to exploit that player’s weakness and doubts.

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