Switching Clubs

We’ve all been there…the moment you realize you’re out of whatever you need at that moment: pre-wrap, tape, protein bars…etc.

Choose a volleyball club has put together a list of items we think should be in your gym bag at all times, including some of our favorite products.

  • Protein Bars – We like Oatmega bars and Quest bars. (Quest SO LONG AS NO SUCRALOSE OR ASPARTAME! HAVE TO WATCH these….my new fave is nude food bars☺.
  • Water bottle – Staying hydrated is key. If you’re thirsty, your body is already dehydrated.
  • Extra shoelaces – You never know when your lace will break.
  • Pre-wrap – If this is something you use before you put on your ankle braces, in your hair, or for anything else, make sure your gym bag stays stocked with an ample supply.
  • Athletic tape – We recommend getting taped up by a professional that’s onsite, but if this is part of your pre-game ritual, be sure you have enough.
    • Our personal tried-and-true favorite is rock tape. We’ve done tons of tests and this one stays for days without peeling off like many of the others, which means one less thing to do before that 8am match.
  • Stinky shoe and kneepad spray – No one likes a pair of smelly shoes and we know those knee pads can be deadly at times. Spray Norwex Sportzyme Odor Eliminator at the end of every practice and tournament day to ensure shoes stay odor-free.
  • Pain Relief – We absolutely LOVE Doterra Deep Blue products. We’ve tried a lot and this wins hands down every time.
    • If you run out and don’t have time to order before your next tournament, a pain relief oil that contains eucalyptus, lavender, and lemongrass will also work.
  • Headband/Sweatband – Whatever your style is, keep a few of these handy.
  • Hair ties – Be prepared when the one you’re currently using will give out or a teammate is in need.
  • Extra pair of socks and/or spandex
  • A checklist of your essentials
  • A GRID: This roller offers Trigger Point Therapy and works better than the stick rollers because you’re able to put your body weight into your rolling. Grab the mini and store your extra socks in it. Something about being able to put your body weight in it
  • Kyani Nitro Extreme Powder or juice – This is perfect right before practice or a game for extra boost of energy and or in between games as a pick me up.

Be sure to take stock of what you need before every tournament and trip so you can make sure you are prepared and come to the aid of your teammates if necessary.

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