What are the fees and how much does it cost?

Every club manages their fees differently so study and ask questions to clarify. Here are some estimates:

Base fees range from $250-$7500 and include:

  • Practice facility rentals and equipment
  • Coaching
  • Tournament fees
  • Uniforms – Includes 1-3 uniforms, warm ups, and a bag (may or may not include socks, kneepads, ankle braces or shoes – you have to ask)
  • Travel fees – you should ask if these fees include air transportation and hotels

Items not covered by club fees:

  • USAV Registration (Prior to try outs) – $35
  • Entry each day into tournaments – $3 – $12
  • Parent transportation and hotel for out of town tournaments
  • Pre-tryout clinics
  • Try outs
  • Private lessons (if needed)
  • Positional clinics (if offered, may or may not have to pay)
  • Strength/Jump clinics (if offered, may or may not have to pay)

Some clubs ask for non-refundable payments from families prior to the official offer and acceptance dates. Even if your child does not make the team, you are obligated to make this payment and it is legal. Just be aware this may happen – typically in larger clubs. We recommend asking if this payment guarantees your player a spot on the team they want, AND the position they are trying out for or if the club reserves the right to change the team/position of your player.

Other considerations

Ask the coach and/or club owners what kind of considerations the team makes if your athlete gets a season ending injury. Will they prorate or refund your money?

Ask the coach what if you move out of the region and are unable to play for the team? Will they prorate or refund your money?

Team Fundraising

Every team is very unique and may or may not offer scholarships, fundraising, or the ability to pay out the fees over a longer period of time. Most clubs offer interest-free, in-house financing. The first payment is always due within a few days of try out/offer acceptance and most monthly payments must be completed by around April or May.

Many of the bigger clubs that have facilities offer parents/athletes the opportunity to work at the gym (ie take money at tournaments, work concessions, or clean up) to pay off the club dues.

Discounted Fees/Scholarships

This is a case-by-case and club-by-club basis. The only way to find out if the club you are interested in offers discounts or scholarships is to call or email. We have found that quite a few clubs offer assistance for a small number of players each year. We have seen clubs jump through hoops to get stellar players who may not be able to afford it.

How can I find out in advance how much the club or team we are interested in will cost?

To find out about smaller clubs, it can be as easy as calling the club owner and director. Bigger clubs may post online the fees associated with each age and level of play. Other clubs may only give out this information at the parent information meeting either before try outs begin or at the first try out. If ever in doubt, call or email the organization and talk to them.

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