Stinky feet? A list of our favorite, no nonsense odor eliminators

You stink!

Don’t take those shoes off in my car!

Roll the windows down! I’m gong to suffocate from toxic fumes from your feet.

Have you said those words to your athlete? What is it with volleyball athlete’s feet! THEY STINK! If you are like me, you have tried just about everything to minimize the stench – using clean and hazardous chemicals, just whatever works!  Here’s our list of top odor eliminators (#9 is only a half-joke. No seriously though…):

  1. Febreeze – Yep, good old Febreeze. They boast it can de-stink an entire room, but does it do well with shoes? Before your kiddo puts those nasty shoes in her bag, have her spray them down well with Febreeze ($5 or less).
  2. Norwex Sportszyme – Similar to Febreeze in function BUT this (and all) Norwex products are environmentally clean. So you can spray those shoes down without any worries about what you may be polluting the air with. It is nonpathogenic, fast-acting microbes and enzymes that break down and eliminate organic residues allowing the microbes to digest the organics and eliminate the stink ($20).
  3. Young Living Purification Oil – Another environmentally clean product. Just sprinkle a few drops of oils in those shoes after each wear. Best individual oils for stink include thyme, tea tree, peppermint, eucalyptus, and lavender ($15-20 per oil).
  4. DIY de-stink shoe inserts by combining baking soda and one of the aforementioned essential oils in a cut-off nylon and have your kiddo put in their shoes after each practice or tournament ($3).
  5. Colloidal silver – one of nature’s most powerful anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungals. Available in liquid or spray-bottle formats, have your athlete put a few drops in their socks or in their shoes before and after each practice or tournament. We like Silver Solution USA‘s product ($10).  You can also find sprays on the market that combine both silver and essential oils. Check out Smelly shoe spray ($13) or this one by Silver Foot Shield($13.50).
  6. Stinky Knee Odor Remover We recently found this for knee pads, not sure why it wouldn’t work for shoes.
  7. Glovestix New to the market, this was created by a hockey mom who won Today Show’s “Next Big Thing” with this invention. When you place these “stix” into your gloves or shoes after practice or games they will absorb harmful moisture, eliminate odors and inhibit 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria growth on the product surface!
  8. We’ve often wondered about rubbing aluminum and paraben free super potent deodorant on the girls feet before putting socks on. We just ordered and are going to try Native Deodorant and will let you know. Cost $12 (or $10 if you become a subscriber).
  9. Buy nose plugs or make you child walk home….just saying! We have a few more years to go with our athletes and will enjoy the journey but not the smells!
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